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Chasing Silver (International Finnish based fly fishing magazine)

I've been a field editor for Chasing Silver Magazine since 2009
The latest article is about Danish shrimp patterns for coastal sea trout fishing

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Turbo Turbot

pighvar - turbot
Turbot? From the shore? right where the waves break? Sounds more like some april fool I hear you say, but it's the genuine thing. We have caught these ferocious predators when the wind is right and the waves are calm. Simply astonishing fishing

Lake Trout for the working man

May first is the day when workers unite to struggle for their rights and drink some lager. I have spent  may first in the company of two hardworking anglers in a hunt for silvery lake trout in the lakes around my neighborhood. Check out how it's done here:
Also, check out more photos here:

Dry Fly fishing for sea trout. 

Throughout the latest three years I have had a great time with small dries and big juicy foam beetles. A revolutionizing fishing described thoroughly for the first time here:

Dry fly enthusiasm

With the aid of good friends we developed our skills as "match the hatch" dry fly nerds, but to truly understand this fascinating fishing, I had a good chat with my good friend Niels Aage Skovbo over the mail here:

Dry flies for coastal sea trout

Think about it: Trout like floating food like beetles and bugs - so why not try that in salt water? That's exactly what we did:

Silverfish - Winter fishing for Sea trout

An ode to winter trout and winter fishing. See why I go flyfishing in a blizzard here:
Some of the drawings for the article are for sale here:
Summer Zander 
A small tribute to summer fishing for zander. The opening day, june 1st, is a magic moment I look forward to every year here