This site is about my passion, about the lines I've drawn in my angling career. It’s a medley of words and pictures from far and near. Memories from under the keel of a boat , from the finest salmon pools in the world and from my local pond. It's about my passion.

The lines I draw with a pen on paper are more often than not a figment of my imagination. I draw the things I can't capture through the lens of a camera. But sometimes I work the other way around and draw pictures from photos.

Over the years I've worked as a freelance writer for two Danish magazines: Sportsfiskeren and Fiske-feber. I started writing for magazines when I was about 15 years old, wow – that’s 20 years ago by now and counting…

I’ve had articles printed in magazines in Sweden, Norway, and Great Britain, as well as in the international magazine Chasing Silver. 

Working as a freelance photo-writer and illustrator, I routinely hurl myself into some kind of fishing I've never tried before, and as you can see on the pages on this site, I like to explore creek, river, bay, and beach with the tackle I like for the occasion.  

I am forever grateful to all the fine anglers and friends I've met through this fantastic sport.

Find and contact me on Instagram @ thomasweiergang

Tight lines