New projects with pen and paper

This is what I'm working on right now:

Brown trout

I liked the calm coulours of the original photo of this brownie, so I gave it a shot...

Chilean rainbow trout.

Check out the photo in the Patagonia folder

First step:

Thomas Weiergang copyright


Thomas Weiergang copyright

Bonaventure hitch salmon

First step:

Sorry, I am waiting for a photo of the fisnished piece of this one...

A Gaula salmon:

Thomas Weiergang copyright

Inspired by a wonderful photo by danil Göz:

Daniel Göz copyright

An image I found in This is Fly magazine that  inspired me...

Daniel is an outstanding photographer and on top of that a really stand-up kind of guy, who immedieately gave me permission to paraphrase his beautiful image. He has just launched his second film "Gaula". Check out his webpage  here

Thomas weergang copyright

Here's the original Chilean brown:

Thomas weergang copyright

And here's the result:
Thomas Weiergang copyright

Check out how you can turn your trophy catch into a trophy painting here:

Congrats Søren Flarup.

I'd certainly like to catch a bonefish like the one I've painted for my good friend Søren Flarup from Pro Sportfisher.

The painting is a 1 - 1 trophy painting. 

Check out my Fish Trophy webpage right here

Thomas Weiergang Copyright

Remember your salmon and seatrout folder

Now available in all tackle shops: Danish Salmon and Seatrout.
A project I've been working with for some time for the Danish Sportfishing Association.

Get it in Danish, English or German right HERE

New painting in the "originals" section

I had a wonderful time in the easter holidays. I even found time to doodle around on some watercolour paper.
Here's the result. Check it out in lager format in the "Originals" section.

thomas weiergang copyright

Salmon and seatrout - in all their stages
I am pleased to announce that a new infomation material about salmon and seatrout will be coming out in a couple of weeks. I have now completed the monumental task of drawing salmon and seatrout - male and female - in all their stages.
Thomas weiergang copyright
Followthis link

Stickers for sale 
I just found a small stash of these zander stickers. I sell them for 250 dkk. a piece including transport/freight.
I have two stickers on transparent folio facing right like the one below and a pair on white folio for a boat mount facing opposite directions left/right.
fish sticker for boat Thmas Weiergang copyright
You can check out how a transparent sticker looks on the Magnus BB alu fishing machne if you scroll down...
More digital drawings here

Foolin' around with the digital drawing board...
I got a comisson for a project on Odense Å, and felt like gettin' inspired by using a new media...
Just a sketch...

More digital stuff Here. other news here
New options for your Fish Trophy painting. Choose the background you like...
See the website here

Thomas Weiergang copyright
Thomas Weiergang copyright
Keep the braggin' rights
I am now taking orders for fish trophy paintings. So far I can offer three solutions:
1/1 fish trophy paintingin full detail and colour- every scale in it's right place. The fish is portrayed lying flat on neutral background of your own choice. a few strands of grass, a few stones etc. The lure or fly can be painted alongside the fish if you wish so.'
price range: from 5000,- to 10.000 ddk. depending on size. Custom orders over 1.40m. please ask for price.
1/1 Fish painting  - half detail. The head and tail are drawn in full detail and colour, the rest is drawn in a more loose "sketchy" style, but still amazing detail in black and white ink and pen. 
The fish is portrayed lying flat on neutral background of your own choice. a few strands of grass, a few stones etc. The lure or fly can be painted alongside the fish if you wish so.'
price range: from 3000,- to 8.000 ddk. depending on size. Custom orders over 1.40m. please ask for price.
Custom - Off scale fish portrait. The fish of your dreams is portrayed just as you like it - in the water, in your arms, on the ground - you decide. Flies, lures, rods and other bits and pieces can be included on demand. See "originals"  and "commissions" for examples

Follow this site to see how the profile sketch above is transformed into a true fish tropy. The fish is a 13 pound Simested Seatrout
And this is the result, as half-full detail:
Thomas Weiergang copyright
And here as full detail, almost done...
Thomas weiergang copyright
The full image is in "Originals"

Right now I am working on two salmon a 116 cm and a 123 centimetre behemoth....
This is how the head of a 116 cm salmon looks like...I am in for quite a bit of scale-drawing in the week to come...
116 cm salmon Thomas Weiergang copyright
And this is how it looks like:
Fish trophy painting Thomas Weiergang Copyright
Read what Go-Fishing says about Michael Greve's trophy salmon here
Pimp your ride!
How do you make your boat stand out in the crowd. Well you could do as The guys from Magnus Marine do: Put on a sticker of my design. Look at this: A zander on the side of their terrific Magnus bb 445 alu racer. Nice one guys.
This one is printed on a white background sticker sheet. it looks like this when it's printed on transparent folio:
Pretty neat, huh?
Or how about stickin' on a big fat trout? I'm working on it....

Fly festival Fun
This painting is the poster drawing for this year's Fly festival.
The regular Fly festival poster print is sold at the FFF stall for 25,- dkk
But - You now have the opportunity to buy a limited edition signed and numbered art print of this drawing at the Fly fair.
NEW! Poster No. 1/100 is sold at an auction at the Fair saturday, 15.45.
I will be present during the whole fair, and will sign your copy. All proceeds from the sale during the fair go to FFF work for clean waters. The price? A mere 250,- ddk. You'll never buy a Weiergang Poster cheaper...
You can visit me at my stall here Look for "Kunst" in "Hal 1". I'll have a number of originals and prints for sale.
I'll be there with my friend Jakob Sørensen, and will be selling our book "Skælsætninger". Both days we will throw in a really cracking offer for you.
I will sponsor two original drawings depicting the flies that all the skilled fly tiers will tie in the Danish Flytying Championships.
This is drawing that the winner of the 2011 junior Championships received.
Congrats Dennis Hynkemeier, Vejen og Omegns Sportsfiskerforening, 
Tomorrow, sunday, it the big finale, when the old hands try out their skills on challenging patterns. 
Dreams of Chile...
I know I'm just sittin' here dreamin'. But a drawing like this can really make me dream of Chilean browns with a taste for foam heads
Foam Head Brown, Thomas Weiergang copyright
Here's one for you Jakob....
Leucaspius Delineatus
(with Chironumus Plumosus)
Take that...
Thomas Weiergang Copyright
Tablet fun
A digital tablet drawing board offers fantastic opportunities for someone like me. I can change the image exactly the way I want. It's surprisingly intuitive to use, and even with just a little practise, you can crank out surprising stuff. you simply draw the image in Photoshop, which means that your options are unlimited. I haven't even begun explore this fun tool....One of my old customers has already bought a drawing depicting a zander chasing a softbait to use as a stickler on his Lund boat. Great idea, and that's the beauty of this: you can use these images just way you like - as a sticker, as a poster, in a publication, as a screensaver, as a T-shirt - whatever....Here's just a couple of examples: if you don't think the perch should look at a crayfish, simply swap it for a softbait - abracadabra!
perch and crawdad - Copyright Thomas weiergang
Perch and softie - Copyright Thomas Weiergang
Mayfly fever
I know this new mayfly piece might disturb your balance in more than one way. As a result of extraordinary longing for may, I set about drawing a series of images depicting the life cycle f the mayfly. This is the stage where a fat brownie inhales a spinner....Oh I can't wait...
Brownie and mayfly spinner
And the hatch:
New year Bomber
This salmon piece is made in eager anticipation of the summer salmon trip to Quebeq. ten days of fishing in salmon heaven. Hopefully the dream on paper becomes reality. Dry fly sight fishing with big Bombers for large atlantic salmon is simply the most astounding and addictive fishing I've ever tried.
Fly Festival 2011
 Next year's Fly Festival Poster is made by me. Posters will be given to all guests who buy a ticket.

But on top of that FFF has made a limited edition print batch that I will sign and number. If you buy one of these posters on the Festival, I will sign it for you, and that way, you will contribute to the FFF work for clean waters.

I'll be present on the Festival of course, where I will exhibit some of my works. I'll have a couple of posters on sale and some surprises as well.

You might as well put a big X down your calendar right away.

 Fly festival 2011


The salmon here is hooked on a black and yellow tube fly - a spring pattern, really. The Fly festival is the last weekend of march, just before the Danish almon fishing opening day. I wanted to catch the dream that drives every salmon angler in the country at that time: The dream of a large, fresh run silver springer....
See you there...


October 2010
This how I work: No arty-farty, no high-fashion-art-show crap. Just plain smelly, fishy, down to earth craftmanship. What I've got is what I have on my mind: Fish:
This is what a dream looks like, when it's still being dreamed up:
And this is how the finished drawing looks like:
Brownie Thomas Weiergang
Check a larger photo in the Originals section
September 2010
Mørten Øland article and Morten Øland Film.
My old friend and fellow angler Morten Øland is the main character of the fourth and last article in the series on rubberlegs flies. He expands the view on rubberlegs and gives some serious and valuable insight on trout behaviour. As always Morten is extremely generous with his great tips. He is simply one of the most knowing anglers around on our side of the globe.
Morten and Niels Vestergaard will be launching their sparkling new film project called "The Fish and the Fly" A major brakthrough, not just for Morten and Niels but also for trout and grayling anglers around the globe. Now we will have the chance to see what goes on below the surface and more importantly, how the fish react to the fly.The first two DVD are looking to be groundbreakingly spectacular. Between them, the pair has come up with a winning combination of world class photography above and below water and fly wisdom beyond description. It will take at least four films to just scape the surface of Mortens vast knowledge of flyfishing - so that's what they intend to do - release four films. The first two coming out now are on dry fly fishing and nymph fishing
Brillant guys! 
Watch the trailers here
Visit Niels' page
Or visit Mortens page Wicked Flyfishing here
morten Øland article
September 2010
Support the salmon in River Guden, or Gudenåen, as it's known around my place.
I've let the guys at Grejbiksen, Trige use one of my originals in an effort to support the cause of the Gudenå salmon. This year the Gudenå association celebrated its 40 Gudenå fishing contest the 17th of september
The print is made in 200 copies, but only the fist 40 are signed, numbered, and framed. They sell at 750,- dkk, and all the proceeds go to the Gudenå salmon. Unframed prints sell at 200. 
Check out the Grejbiksen site (in Danish) site here:
salmon print for Gudenåen
NOTE: If you tire of the text on the poster, we've placed it in such a way, that it is easily hidden by a frame. Ask your frame specialist to make a frame to fit. Also: The Grejbiksen logo is not on the poster just this jpg from their site.
September 2010
Poster: 350,- dkk unframed!
As written below, I've had the drawing "double Digit Jumper" made into poster quality print. Printed on 175 g. semi gloss paper, the colours really stand out just like the original. Please contact me if you want info about framing. see the Poster prints section for more info.
July 2010
Ahhh, Summer....Time to get away from it all with pen and paper...
Four new drawings now available. Two Salmon, one brown trout and one Zander. How about that...
I am planning to get some prints ready for late autumn/winter Hang on and check this space for news
Check the "Originals" section
Double Digit Jumper


September 2010

A new book on the market...or what? Well, in a way. Henrik's book has now been launched in English. The publisher behind this is the renowned Stackpole Books. Congrats my friend!

Take a second look at the cover. Great shot, don't you think? Yes of course its me behind the camera. Apart from the illustrations, this new edition has nine more photos with my name on them. I've also helped out a lot with the translations. This is a major step forward for Henrik - and me, for that matter!

fly casting..Henrik Mortensen





May 2010


And now: International News....


 Dry Fly Fishing for sea trout is now international news.

Open the latest issue of "Chasing Silver", and you'll see my dry fly mates in familiar postures. I am talking about the exceptional dry fly fishing for sea trout. A fishing that we have covered the latest couple of seasons in articles in Sportsfiskeren. But now the news has spread, and an international audience will be able to read about this fantastic fishing.

 sea trout on dry fly


Fly Fishing Festival Poster done by....
Thomas Weiergang - again!
What? Yes you head it - I won the right to do the poster for the Fly Fishing Festival next spring.
This means that I will also be present with my drawings and stuff. An event I am really looking forward to.
Check out the Fly Fishing Federation Denmark page here:
I havn't started on the drawing for the poster yet, but it'll be sometime late march, so I presume that lots of fly fishers are looking forward to the salmon opening day april first, might guess..

The latest piece...
This should wet the appetite for all of you salmon geeks out there. The newest piece from the workshop is a drawing for Zpey chief Henrik Kassow. I'd like to get one like that in Storåen soon...
Salmon for Henrik Kassow

New Book project under way.
I am pleased to announce that i have been chosen to draw the illustrations for a prestigious new book project by American salmon angler and author Topher Browne. My drawings will be sitting neatly beside photos from world class photographers such as Paul Nicklen. Topher is a master with words, and I can assure you that the book is worth waiting for. This is going to be the salmon book of a generation.
Danish Fly-tying Champs can carry home an original drawing depicting the flies that brought them victory.
The Danish Sportfishing Federation hosts the annual Flytying Championships the first weekend of april 2010. The competitors are unbelievably skilled, and dedicated to their craft. In order to honor this achievement, I donate an original colour drawing to give away to the two overall winners of this competition. But they might need a trolley, because the winner gets to carry home a load of good gear from generous sponsors as well.