New book out on BlueDot Media
"Når Vi Drømmer, Taler Elven" is the title of Bo Friers first release through BlueDotMedia.
Destined to become an instant classic, this epic tale will take you to the dreamscape of one of the best literary voices on the angling scene right now. 
Bo Fier is an extraordinarily gifted storyteller. He will entertain you, puzzly you. He will challenge the way you see flyfishing and he will definitely make you long for waters full of fat trout. This story about fly fishing is like none you've ever heard, and I can guarantee you that, because the book is actually accompanied by an audio-book.
"Når Vi Drømmer, Taler Elven" will change the way we read about flyfishing.
This groundbraking release is available through BlueDotMedia very soon...

Praise for Atlantic Salmon Magic...Left
Atlantic Salmon magic by Topher Browne is out. And it's fantastic...
I know I am partial, bevcause I've done the illustrations, artwork and a lot of the photos for this book, but I must say: this is the best book on salmon fishing I have ever seen. Thank you so much Topher, for your confidence in me, and for letting me do the artwork. Here are a few shots from the book:
Atlantic Salmon Magic
Atlantic Salmon MagicAtlantic Salmon Magic
Atlantic Salmon Magic
When Topher does something, he is thorough, so to accompany this definitive piece on salmon angling, Wild River Press has released a smaller book with all the flies and patterns mentioned in "The Mothership Book". Way to go:
100 Best Flies for Atlantic Salmon
The latest issue of "Sportsfiskeren" contains an article by me on shrimp flies. 
Read more about the STF Shrimp, The Oeland Shrimp, the Perfect Leo Shrimp and the Weiergang Shrimp. Very nerdy...
Salmon fever
The opening pages of Sportsfiskeren this mont convey my dreams this april...
New article out in Chasing Silver
Our book is out. Read more - left